DbWeigher 3.9

Compates and manages MS Access structures
Develop projects based on Microsoft Access algorithms by comparing and editing their structures. The utility analyzes the selected code and generates an SQL file containing all the identified the differences between the latest and previous database structures.

The DbWeigher is the software to compare MS Access databases schemas. With the help of this program, you can compare the structures of Microsoft Access databases and synchronize them.
It is especially useful for developers who use MS Access database as database backend. If you want to find the differences between two databases, you can just choose two .mdb files and see at once the differences in their structures. The current version of the program allows you to find differences among tables, fields, indexes, relationships, forms, reports, modules, macros, table data macros, procedures, and views. An SQL script and a text report are created as a result of the comparison. The SQL script can be executed by the tool that is included in the distribution kit.

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